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Site Script Conversion Sale 02 HUGE BONUSES

Hi there, it’s Dave Mosher in Houston, TX again. We have 80 sites that need to be updated to the latest version of my safelist script.

This also includes being updated to the latest version of php to keep up to date with constant changes on the internet.

Whenever I rescue a site with the latest version of my script, or I update an older site to the newest version, I give folks a chance right away to lock in the top upgrades with tons of bonuses to offset our programming costs.

I have split these 80 sites up into 16 different “conversion sales,” and YOU get to lock in MASSIVE SAVINGS!

You get 5 Elite Upgrades, a Bonus 50 Super Solos PER SITE (250 Total Super Sols), a 5-Pack of Ads at MasterSafelistBlaster (reaching over 300 Safelists), and a 5-Pack of Ads from FeaturedOffersXtreme with 2500 Views EACH!

However, we are going to make each Conversion Sale available to a maximum of 25 customs per sale! Once a Conversion Sale is Sold Out, we will update the sales page with a notice that it is SOLD OUT! Then we will release the NEXT 5-Site Conversion Sale.

ALL Upgrades, Super Solos, and EXTRA Bonuses will be added MANUALLY. So please allow up to 24-hours for everything to be added.

You’re going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE these JAM-PACKED Sales! THIS IS SALE #2

Check out the details from the link below!

To your online success!

Dave Mosher

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