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Daily Ads Pay has launched and it has the potential of being a real money maker!


With the success of Live Good and their Comp plan comes out a new daily earner with similar features.
Daily Ads Pay takes a unique twist on the multi generational bonuses and residual income. When you purchase your 300 day subscription for just $30 one time, your daily positions will follow your original top position that you received when you signup.

Upgraded members earn $15 for every direct referral you refer to the program. As you increase in rank, your you will earn referral bonuses down 5 levels/generations!

The core of the program is a 2x15. Each day, upgraded members will receive a new position following their original position. This helps fill your matrix quicker providing spillover for you and your referrals.

The real money maker with our new Daily Matrix is the 5 tier matching bonus. Just like the referral bonus, your matching bonus increases with your rank within the system.

Once you upgrade you are automatically qualified to receive 50% matching pay on all of your daily matrix commissions. This means if you have 5 referrals, and they each earn $1 per day, you will be receiving an additional $2.50 per day in matching bonus!

While this in itself is a big money maker, we have extended the matrix matching bonus down 5 generations.
So you will earn a percentage of each daily matrix pay from your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generations depending on your rank within our program.

Ranks are as follows:
Bronze - Become Bronze as soon as you upgrade
Silver - Become Silver once you have 2 upgraded referrals
Gold - Become Gold once you have 7 upgraded referrals
Platinum - Become Platinum once you have 15 upgraded referrals
Diamond - Become Diamond once you have 20 upgraded referrals

As you progress in rank, your daily earnings have the potnetial to grow exponentially with both the referral
an matching bonus.

Get started today an grab your free position*

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