Solo-ads to 136,722 (for $3.35 a pop ) Need I say more?
Solo-ads to 136,722 (for $3.35 a pop ) Need I say more?

Hi [fname]

I am going to say this in the simplest way I know how.
I use this solo ad-mailer daily.

I have been using it for over 3 years so
I guess you could say I am a big fan.

Mail to 136,722 members with 1 click

The Cost...

20 Solo Ads for $67.00.

Do the math-That's $3.35 per solo ad

Your email goes to 136,722
You can mail whenever you like.

You gotta be kidding right?
Nope not kidding.

You are not going to see a deal like this anywhere.

But this is for real.

I order the $67.00 package whenever I need more
and bingo the mailer opens up for another 20 ad runs.

You get full stats on your mailing.

These solos get my 10 *star* recommendation.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Note: Do not mess around.

Go right for the 67.00 package and get those
solo ads out whenever you want to

At $3.35 a solo-ad, you cannot afford not to do this

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