A Community of Trusted Brands for Health, Welllness and Beauty

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Partner.Co brings together top brands from around the world to offer a diverse range of health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products. With a fifty-fifty split commission structure, you can earn while promoting high-quality items that people want and need.

"PartnerCo announced its official launch with a Global Kickoff Event on February 11. The new entity combines time-trusted brands and people from multiple companies — ARIIX, LIMU®, Morinda and Zennoa® — into a cohesive partnership that celebrates their diverse backgrounds. Emerging as a platform of multiple brands and product categories, including home care, beauty, nutrition, health and wellness, weight management, cosmetics, sports performance and more, Partner.Co already has a license to operate in China plus a growing presence in the U.S., Latin America, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region."

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